Taking the Diabetes Educator (CDE) Exam? Complete Study Guide and Practice Test Questions

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Exam Fees

Initial Certification: $350

Exam Format

The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions that must be completed in 4 hours.

Exam Contents

Assessment - (45 Questions)
Learning/Self Care Behavior, Medical/Health/Psycho-Socioeconomic Status, Current knowlege and practice

Intervention - (112 Questions)
Collaboration with Family/Caregivers/Care Team
Teaching/Counselling principals of care - Monitoring, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Pharmacology, Acute & Chronic Complications,

Review, Evaluation & Documentation (14 Questions)

Follow-up and Referral (14 Questions)

Program Development and Administration (18 Questions)

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Complete CDE Study Guide & Practice Test

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CDE Study Guide & Practice Test



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