What makes a Good Nurse?

Studying for a nursing career sound glamorous in some respects because your motive is usually that you want to help people – therefore you are becoming a nurse. But what kind of person wants to be a nurse? In other words – what are the characteristics of a good nurse?

- Personal satisfaction at helping others and the desire to make a contribution are traits usually found in a good nurse. First and foremost – they want to help people.
- Being able to give honest feedback in a meaningful way without being hurtful.
- Treating others with respect and dignity at all times.
- Respect for confidentiality regarding patients, the hospital, and anything related to the job of nursing as you will have access to lots of confidential and sensitive information.
- The ability to be enthusiastic and confident about the job – this can be difficult at times.
- The ability to receive feedback without disruption of duties or impact on patients.
- Having respect for others: the staff, the patients and co-workers without prejudice and the ability to accept circumstances beyond their control.
- Trust – this is a trait that patients will look for and one that the hospital will look for as well as you will be trusted with knowledge and skills that are entrusted to their care.

If you feel you have what it takes – great!   Next is to check out the Educational Requirements of nursing, Tests you have to Pass, and also some of the Nursing Specialties.

The first step in a Nursing Career c0uld be volunteering, which is a great way to see how you like it.   After that you will have to apply to Nursing School and write a Nursing Entrance Test such as the HESI, NET, TEAS, PSB or DET.    Here is some great discussion.

A nurse is someone that is able to overcome many obstacles and yet still provide the service she was hired to do under sometimes trying circumstances. Patients will look to the nurse as their companion, their helper and someone that they often confide in or need to be able to talk to and someone that they look to for guidance in difficult times. It is a huge task but it is a rewarding one for those who become nurses are already gifted because they have decided to help others.

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